Athearn ATHG82262 GP9 Seaboard Coast Line #1006 Locomotive HO Scale

Athearn ATHG82262 GP9 Seaboard Coast Line #1006 Locomotive HO Scale

Athearn ATHG82262 GP9 Seaboard Coast Line #1006 Locomotive HO Scale
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Brand New In Factory Packaging. SCL FEATURES: Extra grab irons on front Wind deflectors Cab roof vent Mixed wheel bearing caps per prototype After the 1967 merger of ACL and SAL, a new paint scheme of black with yellow stripes was developed for the road's diesels.

However, repainting such a large roster of units would take time. As an interim measure, SCL lettering and/or logos were applied to many of the SAL-painted units to denote new ownership.

This was known as the "split-image" scheme. This re-lettering operation included several examples of the road's GP9 units, which are depicted here. They remained this way until repainted or retired.

ROAD NUMBER SPECIFIC FEATURES: #1006 MARS-type headlights Nathan M-3 horn with all chimes forward Tall MU stands SCL logo on cab. PROTOTYPE SPECIFIC INFORMATION In 1949, EMD introduced the GP7. The basic design followed most diesel switchers with the addition of a short hood instead of an end-cab.

The hoods were also full height to better accommodate the diesel engine and mechanical and electrical components. In 1954 EMD upgraded the GP7 to become the 1,750 horsepower GP9.

Externally, the first GP9s were virtually unchanged from the last GP7s. Later versions would include different louver arrangements and the last ones would come without the frame skirting.

The GP9 was available with all of the fuel tank, steam generator, and dynamic brake options as the GP7, including "torpedo tube" air tanks mounted on the roof. Many railroads chose to rebuild their GP7s and GP9s for continued service.

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Athearn ATHG82262 GP9 Seaboard Coast Line #1006 Locomotive HO Scale

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